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Random riddles

Here you will find 10 random riddles and 30 random topics.

What is something you can put in your pocket that keeps it empty?

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Category: Riddles for KidsTopics: Hole

What is a lion’s favorite state?

Category: Animal RiddlesTopics: Lion

What do you call a man when a Marine sits on him?

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Category: Miscellaneous RiddlesTopics: Men

This is a thing that is devoured by all things; flowers, trees, beasts, birds; bites steel, gnaws iron; grinds hard stone to meal; beats mountain down, ruins town and slays king. What is it?

Submitted by J.R.R. TolkienCategory: Famous RiddlesTopics: The Hobbit

What does a dog get when it finishes obedience school?

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Category: Animal RiddlesTopics: Dog, School

Yesterday is always before today. But there is a place where yesterday always follows today. Where?

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Category: Hard RiddlesTopics: Time

What do you get if you cross a Beatle and an Australian dog?

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Category: Animal RiddlesTopics: Dog

Imagine you are in a dark room. How do you get out?

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Category: Miscellaneous RiddlesTopics: Dark

What goes naked to keep you warm?

Category: Animal RiddlesTopics: Heat, Nude, Sheep

What do you call a cat crossed with a fish?

Category: Animal Riddles, Cross RiddlesTopics: Cat, Fish