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Body Riddles

Here you find our popular collection of body riddles and other interesting and fun body puzzles and brain teasers of all kinds. To solve the puzzles, you have to let your imagination run wild and see beyond logic to find the correct answer!

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I am something everybody tends to overlook no matter how careful he is. What am I?

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Category: What I AmTopics: Body

I have three letters.
I read the same forward and backwards.
I know you'll get the answer, I know you'll see.
It's a word that is important to you and me.

What word am I?

Category: What I AmTopics: Body, Word

The land was white the seed was black it'll take a good scholar to riddle me that. What is it?

Category: What Is ItTopics: Body

What are ten things you can always count on?

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Category: Miscellaneous RiddlesTopics: Body

What has a foot but no legs?

Category: Animal RiddlesTopics: Body

What has fifty legs but can't walk?

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Category: Animal RiddlesTopics: Body, Centipede

What has four legs in the morning,
two legs in the afternoon,
and three legs at night?

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Category: Classical riddlesTopics: Body

What is better than presence of mind in an automobile accident?

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Category: Medical RiddlesTopics: Accident, Body, Vehicle

What is the difference between a bus driver and a cold?

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Category: Medical RiddlesTopics: Body, Bus

You can easily touch me, but not see me. You can throw me out, but not away. What am I?

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Category: What I AmTopics: Body